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File: 1503445705264.jpg (168.08 KB, 465x651, panulska.jpg)



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File: 1491550775462.gif (56.68 KB, 500x312, horror.gif)


Post your horro stuff. Posters, stills, gifs, and whatnot.
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File: 1494712975346.png (225.12 KB, 664x366, lets-scare-jessica-to-deat….png)


Let's Scare Jessica to Death is quite underrated. Nice, atmospheric film, made with virtually no budget.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX4eZD3GiL0


File: 1503387446750.jpg (207.22 KB, 600x461, fuan-bite.jpg)


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File: 1503387758767.jpg (194.86 KB, 900x1300, 4.jpg)

File: 1491330386676.jpg (111.04 KB, 1514x1097, ninjaempire.jpg)


Post your subtitle suggestions for this board. Be it cheesy movie quotes or poster taglines etc…


"I have to reform the ninja empire." ;p


"Did you ever hear the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?"


File: 1493372525229.jpg (64.87 KB, 1261x459, kael.jpg)

File: 1493233760800.jpg (246.7 KB, 500x729, tumblr_ooxqz6Utk11rk6ugoo1….jpg)


If you've seen the indie horror movie "Lord Of Tears", check out the new movie from the makers. Best thing: Owlman!

I think the trailer looks pretty awesome.



Cool. Looks quite interesting. Thanks for the link. :)

File: 1492343955005.jpg (290.89 KB, 655x926, cef2a44690bd9d3aeb6d3d52c4….jpg)


Name and comment movies you've just watched.

Watched Samurai Cop yesterday with a friend. Way more entertaining than I expected. Some genuinely weird scenes and moments.. like odd close-ups with reaction shots that made no sense. And clunky on-the-spot dialogue like:

Peggy: Hey preacher?
Johnson: Yeah?
Peggy: You and I got nothin' to do, let's fuck.
Johnson: Shut up.

Police Captain: I feel like someone's stuck a big club up my ass. And it hurts. I gotta figure out a way to get it outta there.

Good stuff.


File: 1492344049248.gif (1.97 MB, 250x280, Tvo8ctv.gif)


File: 1492419389402.jpg (109.23 KB, 450x772, ninja terminator.jpg)

Ninja Terminator

best worst movie ever



File: 1492420557459.jpg (13.75 KB, 500x375, garfield-phone.jpg)


Awesome movie, yes. Seen any more of Godfrey Ho's movies?

← See pic for the real star of Ninja Terminator.



best prop in whole movie



The crab (in the kitchen scene) is quite memorable too.

File: 1489924161191.jpg (7.92 KB, 450x150, nobanner.jpg)


Post your banners here!


File: 1491658744032.jpg (27.73 KB, 450x150, trash.jpg)



Oooh, shiny!


File: 1492278472299.gif (168.32 KB, 450x150, trash7.gif)


File: 1492346129680.gif (151.16 KB, 450x150, trash8.gif)

File: 1492245441430.jpg (1.58 MB, 1500x1643, Director_Mario_Bava.jpg)


Any Mario Bava fans here?


File: 1492245462516.jpg (750.34 KB, 2409x1864, blacksunday02-big.jpg)


File: 1492245558720.jpg (535.93 KB, 1200x1731, blood-and-black-lace-sei-d….jpg)


File: 1492245640705.jpg (140.67 KB, 600x857, I-tre-volti-della-paura.jpg)

File: 1491687684404.gif (1.75 MB, 500x250, tumblr_o3hkrbffl21tirrmio1….gif)


a board for me? nice


File: 1491846186590.jpg (102.46 KB, 792x429, trash.jpg)

File: 1489957183018.jpg (32.14 KB, 400x272, manos2.jpg)


The Master Would Not Approve of this…


I like your hat.


File: 1491515672636.jpg (2.68 MB, 2048x1478, torgohd.jpg)


It's not for sale!

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