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File: 1491672976907.gif (771.84 KB, 230x173, 1342618821623.gif)


can we have /ide/ back?
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I'll try to get it fixed soon. Monday, probably. Have house guests, so kind of busy this weekend.









File: 1494877449378.gif (2.9 MB, 350x196, tumblr_opwjibpGkM1vb46leo1….gif)


Post bright ideas and cunning plans here! Also, discussion.

File: 1492340206523.gif (550.64 KB, 174x178, weird.gif)


Just a heads up.

Feel free to make animated banners in .gif format, but try to keep the file size under 300-500 kB.

File: 1491576761631.jpg (9.43 KB, 188x170, weird.jpg)


Looks like there's some weird word-wrapping going on. Is it just me? If not, I'll fiddle with the CSS to see if I can sort it out.


File: 1491579226862.jpg (13.67 KB, 225x274, djeez.jpg)

Fun times … in Microsoft Edge.


Man… anyone? I can't figure this one out. Seems like fiddling with word-wrap and white-space just messes it up even more.


You could try setting the min-width css property? It's not a full solution but maybe enough?



I've tried it, didn't seem to help. :\ But I'll try some more, I might have missed some min-width settings somewhere. Think I just adjusted the general @media setting.

Only affects really short posts, though. But ppl tend to post short replies… I guess.



Got it to kind of work with the min-width. But it's sort of a brute-force way of fixing it. Would look a bit nicer if the inline-block just adjusted to the amount of text or something. Oh well. Better than one character per line, anyway. :)

File: 1491422182046.png (14.36 KB, 780x460, bot.png)


Staff here. Seems like quick reply triggers bot detection.

Can anyone replicate this problem?


A couple of people replicated this. Removed the quick reply for the time being.

File: 1491315432668.jpg (7.92 KB, 450x150, nobanner.jpg)


Post your banners!

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