Netflix Online DVD Rentals – Learn More about It

This is often where consumers find themselves in a quandary when trying to decide which DVD rental or viewing option they want. Blockbuster is best known for its thousands of stores across the country. Netflix, on the other hand, is an online rental house. Blockbuster has actually joined the online DVD rental game and is now in fierce competition for subscribers. Which one is better? There is no one right answer, but you can choose your preference. To make it easier, each benefit is listed.

Netflix is the oldest and most well-known online DVD rental service. Blockbuster, though a little more recent, has many of the same features and benefits as Netflix. All DVDs are delivered to your home in between one and two days. There are no shipping fees and no late fees. As a subscription, there is a monthly fee. All plans allow unlimited movie viewing. The cost of each plan will vary depending on how many DVDs they allow at once.

Blockbuster offers two benefits. First, there are many plans available. There are eleven plans available for customers to choose from. It can be customized to suit the individual’s film-watching habits. Blockbuster’s second selling point is their ability to rent DVDs from thousands of locations online. Blockbuster allows for in-store DVD exchanges. Because of the infrastructural limitations, Netflix could not offer this service.

Netflix also has two benefits. First, the choice with over 100,000 titles, they are far ahead of their competitors. Netflix flixgot offers more than 100,000 titles to Blockbuster, while Blockbuster boasts over 80,000 titles. The second feature is the ability stream content directly to your computer. Netflix has over 20,000 titles that you can stream whenever you like. This is the equivalent to Blockbuster’s in store exchanges. This allows customers to fulfill their desire for something other than what they received in the mail.

These are only two of the many advantages that each has. It is up to you to decide which one. It is important to decide which one best suits your needs. In-store exchanges are a good option if programming your computer is not your preferred method of entertainment. Netflix may be the best option for you if you do not mind leaving your home to watch your entertainment. Compare them all to find the one that works best for you. Blockbuster and Netflix are the two main online DVD rental companies. Learn how they differ and what their differences are.

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